Indopelita’s vast experiences and capabilities are already strengthened for more than two decades.  This raises trust and recognitions from prominent aircraft manufacturers, including PT Dirgantara Indonesia. The aircraft maintenance solutions from Indopelita indeed build up the independency of national aviation industry.

  • Production Support

In Indopelita, we show our support for the further development of national aviation industry through the delivery of capabilities of producing the aircraft component according to Design Organization Approval (DoA) and Production Organization Approval (PoA) levels.

  • Aircraft Assembly

Indopelita is also capable of doing final assembly as part of the aircraft manufacturing process according to the DoA and PoA levels. Indopelita’s facilities at Pondok Cabe are already well equipped with private runway, which means that it is free from commercial flight traffic, thus making it a recommended testing center for new aircraft.

Other Aviation Services :