Supporting Every Need

Innovation is the success key to ensure the business continuity, and Indopelita consistently develops the internal capabilities by expanding into new business fields, namely maintenance of Special Vehicle. Indopelita’s capabilities of handling operation and maintenance of Special Vehicle strengthen its position as a trustworthy and qualified aviation solution provider.

Refueller Maintenance and Overhaul

Aviation supporting vehicle also needs reliable maintenance to ensure its optimum performance. Indopelita offers maintenance of refueller at the airport and Hydrant Dispenser whose function is to carry fuel from PIT at apron area to the aircraft.

Fire Truck Operating and Maintenance

Besides, other important supporting vehicle is Fire truck. Regular maintenance is also a must to maintain the long-term performance and responsiveness of such vehicle to every fire accident taking place around the airport. To provide high quality maintenance service for the fire truck, Indopelita particularly builds a mobile workshop unit at Pondok Cabe Jakarta.