Expanding Capabilities for Better Performance

The goal of conducting corrective, planned and predictive maintenance on the industrial equipment is merely to ensure the whole component, both rotating equipment and static equipment, to keep functioning properly. In Indopelita, we collaborate various specializations into a reliable team that is always ready to deliver to the companies the best equipment maintenance solutions to help them run an effective, efficient, and reliable operation.

Here we also serve Onsite Calibration, Balancing, Painting, Sandblasting, Welding & Machining

As a part of Pertamina group, our focus in engines and turbine capability are to support aviation and industrial needs. We expand aeroderivatives engine supports maintenance, and overhaul of turbine prime movers as well as power generators.

We support, maintenance and overhaul of aircraft engines, aeroderivative generators, and rotating equipment.

We offer to users a truly independent and economical heavy maintenance and overhaul facilities.

By virtue of our extensive parts sourcing network which spans the globe, it is uncommon for us to offer as much as possible reduction in overhaul costs.