Indopelita’s workshop can accommodate a vast range of needs for aircraft and industrial equipments repair and maintenance with comprehensive facilities and in compliance with applying standards.


    • Components Shop
      This is one of reliable facilities to ensure the delivery of trustworthy workshop solutions. It has wide range of capabilities to support the aircraft maintenance, repair, and component restoration works. Among the supporting capabilities it delivers are Fuel Accessories, Wheel and Brake, Hydraulic, Landing Gear and Safety Equipment. Mechanics placed in this facility are of skilled and competent team that is ready for any kinds of services relating to aircraft component based on the proposed concept as the customer requirements yet at very economical value.  The services are:

      ? Fuel nozzles;
      ?Propellers & rotor blades;
      ?Wheel, tires & brake assy;
      ?Hydraulic system;

  • Major Component Shop

The workshop facility accommodates the customer needs for maintenance, repairs and restoration services for major components, such as propeller and engine that are vital for ensuring flight safety. The unit is capable of handling overhaul by module work for RR250 engine type and maintenance service for propeller hartzell of CASA212 aircraft.

  • Non Destructive Test (NDT)

The facility carries out significant function, namely to provide non destructive test service for aircraft component or structure. The facility is equipped with capabilities, such as Dye Penetrant, Metal Particle, Eddy Current and Ultrasonic.

Other Aviation Services :