Relentless Innovations for Service Excellence

For more than two decades, we have built up experience on aircraft repair and maintenance with the supports from the solid team as well as some leading features, including the facilities, Human Resources, as well as Safety Management System.

Our Comprehensive Facilities 

So as to deliver end-to-end solutions to aircraft repair and maintenance, Indopelita is well equipped with comprehensive facilities. All of Indopelita’s facilities have met both national and international standards. Below are the available facilities:

Types of Facilities


Hangar IV 2.925 m²
Hangar II 8.000 m²
Apron 24.675 m²
Office 1.200 m²
Workshop 3.500 m²
Warehouse 1.500 m²

In addition, Indopelita also has other facilities, among which are Bonded Logistics Center, Industrial Equipment Shop, Avionic & Instrumentation Shop, and Mobile Equipment Shop that are well equipped with Welding facility, Painting, Non Destructive Test (NDT), machinery, support equipment, fuel system and general tools

Our Safety Management System 

Indopelita has introduced a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS), which has attained recognitions from various prominent institutions. Indopelita has also earned SMS-related certification It is not only to certify Indopelita’s safety management quality but also to appreciate Indopelita’s commitment to ensuring Flight Safety and Airworthiness Management for aviation industry in general.

Our People

Adding to the adequate competence and comprehensive facilities, a solid teamwork is a must so that we can ensure the customer satisfaction. Indopelita is always keen to develop the organizational capability in order to maintain its competitiveness in the increasingly competitive aircraft maintenance business.

Then to get the best recruits with specifications that meet our business requirements, Indopelita has been developing cooperation with Politeknik Negeri Jakarta. While considering its people as human capital that will help determine the future of the company’s business development, Indopelita has encouraged its people to participate in various education and training activities so as to prepare them for the required positions where they are assigned. In the next years, Indopelita is preparing its people for participation in trainings to meet Mitsui Competency Standard.

Our Awards & Certifications

Our Clients