Airplanes are essential at various levels in today’s business environment to individuals and companies alike. Aircraft Charter offers businesses and individuals the flexibility that is desired to meet schedules and the dependability that airlines cannot offer. Special Services Corporation provides complete access to a wide range of aircraft through our professional.


Special Service include:

  • Paintingservice6
  • Weight & balance
  • Welding & machining
  • Composite & sheet metal

IAS has Quality Aircraft Painting Services,

IAS achieves the highest quality paint jobs at  manufacturers’ new standard through

  • An excellent paint facility
  • Permanent and dedicated staff
  • Painting of logo’s, technical lettering and outboard markings
  • Adhering to the product/paint specifications and the highest application standards
  • Top service with the lowest possible environmental foot print

We had experience for years and our business has endured many challenges and responded to new demands, but one thing has remained constant–our tradition of excellence, made possible by our employees who have dedicated themselves to providing unmatched quality, service and safety in aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul.  We look forward to working with you.