Our engine shop technician teams are ready for you.  Currently, our engine maintenance support focuses on piston, turboshaft, and turboprop engines.  However, this is just a snapshot of things as they are; a picture that can change any day in response to new customer requirements. Decisive for our customers is the fact that our services are improving. We offer our service where they are needed – flexibly, quickly, and reliably. Talk with us and see for yourself whether we can also be there where you need us.

Our Engine Specialty:gantiengine

  • Turboshaft Allison 250-C
  • Turboprop PT6T-3D (HSI)
  • Turboprop TPE331 (HSI)
  • Lycoming IO-360, O-320

We can present an economically attractive concept to meet your needs.  With our own operations and outstanding contacts throughout industry, we can respond in just a short time with personnel that fit your needs and meet our standards of quality.

a technician has to be available within just a few minutes.Our ad hoc service defuses these worrisome situations. One call is all it takes, and a qualified technician is at your side quickly, no matter which type of airplane it is. Many customers who have had good experience with us in such situations are now among our most important and loyal customers.