Company in Brief


With its own comprehensive aircraft maintenance facilities and more than two decades of experiences, Indopelita is the leading aircraft maintenance company in Indonesia.


Our customers are naturally very concerned about flight safety, because their on operation depend on it. Flight safety requires an aircraft must be airworthy, with all of its various parts and components working reliably. This is where Indopelita comes in. From periodic maintenance and inspection procedure to specialize repairs and complete overhaul works, Indopelita helps ensure the flight safety and airworthiness of its customer’s aircrafts.


Indopelita is one of few aircraft maintenance companies in the country with its own service facilities. At our airbase in Pondok Cabe, these facilities include hangars, specialized repair shop, parts warehouse and a runway access. This fully integrated maintenance facility works to the benefit of our customers, saving precious time and cost on the aircraft maintenance. Indopelita provides its services with stringent quality control, designed to ensure compliance with manufacturer specifications as well as international flight safety regulations. All this translates into dependable and high quality aircraft maintenance services that meet the satisfaction of our customers.


All of our engineers have been properly certified by the Directorate General of air Communication in Indonesia, in addition to the extensive and specialized trainings that our engineers receive from various aircraft and aircraft component manufacturers. Regularly from time to time they are also sent overseas to attend refresher courses on the latest technology in aircraft inspection and maintenance.


Over the years Indopelita has steadily improved on both its capabilities and service ratings. Today, Indopelita is certified to perform inspection, repairs, overhaul and alteration works on a wide variety of aircraft makes and types.