GMF with Indopelita Develop Turboprop Maintenance Center

GMF with Indopelita Develop Turboprop Maintenance Center
PT GMF Aero Asia began targeting aircraft maintenance engined propeller (turboprop) growing in Indonesia with PT Indopelita Aircraft Services. The MoU was signed by Richard cooperation Budihadianto GMF as Director and as Director Indar Atmoko Indopelita Aircraft Services on October 9, 2013 in Hangar IV Pondok Cabe, Chester Air Base, Tangerang.


The memorandum of understanding as a fundamental reference implementation of this partnership lasts one year from the signing implemented. Cooperation with the concept of strategic partnership include developing and supporting aircraft maintenance facility owned Indopelita in Pondok Cabe such as line maintenance, base maintenance, engineering and planning, quality system, material supply chain, human resources to marketing joint venture joint funds.


This collaboration is focused to work on turbo propeller aircraft maintenance market, said President Director of PT GMF, Richard Budihadianto in Jakarta, Friday (11/11). Richard Budihadianto said during this GMF handle jets treatment of various types. While Indopelita Aircraft Services has the capability and experience to handle turboprop aircraft maintenance. Currently, GMF gain the trust of Garuda Indonesia to handle maintenance turboprop aircraft to be operated by Garuda ATR72-600 from December 2013, therefore, we took Indopelita to handle this ATR72-600 aircraft maintenance, he said.


Garuda Indonesia is currently developing the flight path with turbo propeller aircraft to operate certain routes. A total of 25 aircraft with an option ATR72-600 has ordered an additional 10 aircraft by the year 2017 For the first phase, Garuda Indonesia will operate two ATR72 aircraft in December 2013. This aircraft will serve the flying point to point routes, short distance to improve connectivity in remote areas area. This type of aircraft is suitable for reaching small airports that have runways less than 1,600 feet that can not accommodate jets.


Aircraft with a capacity of 70 passengers will serve several new routes Garuda among others to Labuan Bajo, Tambolaka, and Ende in East Nusa Tenggara and Bima (West Nusa Tenggara). In addition, some areas are also the target of the opening of the new route is Garuda Banyuwangi and Jember (East Java), smells and Wakatobi (Southeast Sulawesi), Luwuk (Central Sulawesi), Mamuju (West Sulawesi), Poso (Central Sulawesi), Kaimana (Papua), and Tual / Langgur (Maluku).


According to Richard Budihadianto, although this cooperation is projected to work on aircraft maintenance ATR72-600 Garuda Indonesia, but did not rule dealing with similar aircraft from other airlines. “The market opportunity outside Garuda is very possible we do” he said. Moreover, several airlines, including Air Wings, has operated aircraft ATR72-600. As well as some domestic airline like Air NAM also ordered similar aircraft to serve these routes are growing significantly shorter distance.


Turboprop aircraft maintenance market is expected to grow significantly as the national economy is not only centered in Jakarta. Moreover, geographically, turboprop aircraft types considered most suitable to the condition of the Indonesian archipelago. Based on several analyzes, Southeast Asia is the largest market turboprop aircraft. A total of 50% of the total world production of turboprop aircraft absorbed by the market in Southeast Asia. Turboprop aircraft market controlled by two players namely ATR, French-Italian joint venture and de Haviland of Canada. For now, the market leader ATR turboprops world.


 turboprop aircraft maintenance market is predicted to grow significantly in the future. Especially if Regio Pro 80 (R80) made ​​by PT Regio-owned Aviation Industry Ilham Habibie had operated in 2018. Several domestic airlines have ordered R80, propeller engined aircraft with a capacity of 80 passengers. A growing number of domestic airlines operate turboprop aircraft, the greater the market opportunities available treatments. “The growth of markets like this that we need to anticipate from now” Richard said.

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