Owning an aircraft not only incites prestige for the owners but also somehow teases them for an easier, faster and more comfortable ride. However, many individuals or aircraft operators find it difficult to manage the aircraft maintenance. In Indopelita, we have the long-established experience as well as high quality and certified capabilities in the aircraft maintenance management. Our service quality which comprise of a range of services including heavy maintenance is already recognized for its professionalism and compliance against flight safety regulation, and therefore meets customer satisfaction.


  • Engineering Service, which consists of engineering-function related services, such as the formulation and management of maintenance program (CAMP), Reliability Program, SDR, AD/SB implementation and management, publication updating, technical consultant with OEM and the others.

  • Production Control Service, which consists of production control related serviced, such as technical record for periodical or non-periodical aircraft maintenance, monitoring and record component hardtime, CM and OC as well as part replacement, aircraft and engine inventory.

  • Sparepart Management Service, which consists of SCM-function related services served in cooperation with PPC and Engineering, including sparepart plan and provision for aircraft maintenance purposes according to various types and models of inspection.

Other Aviation Services :